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Introduction of tax-free selling

We provide tax-free prices to sell watches more affordably for temporary visitors at all shops.
When you show your passport, we would discount consumption tax(10%) from prices.
We can accept cash, credit card or Union Pay.

Accepted cards

Procedure of Tax-free selling

Choose a watch you purchase Have a check(Tax-free price)
Show your passport
※We make a copy of your passport
Sign your name to Tax-free application.
Attach the Tax-free application into your passport
※Do not take it off or lose the application.
Hand over the watch Show the Tax-free application to custom when you leave Japan.

・ Tax-free products should be taken outside from Japan.
・ We can not sell tax-free watches as if you intend to resale.
・ We just carry out tax-free procedures at our shops you bought tax-free watches,
   we can not do that if you bought some products at other shops.
・ We just do the tax-free procedures the day you bought. We do not accept to do that the other days.

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Accepted cards

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